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The Catbus: Yours for only $2900

Hayao Miyazaki is regarded as the anime director for those who don’t really like anime. For those who do enjoy anime, he’s regarded as a lesser deity. One person has taken his devotion to a very particular extreme and made this:

Yep, that’s the Catbus, from the Miyazaki classic My Neighbor Totoro. And the person who made it is selling it on Craigslist for less than 3 grand.

Even if driving a fur covered van with a kitty face isn’t your cup of tea (or saucer of milk, as the case my be), you can’t go wrong with a Miyazaki classic. Check one out from the Library (I’m partial to Spirited Away, myself), and you’ll quickly find out why he’s known as the “Walt Disney of Japan.”

Posted by Toby (former employee) | Posted under Movies
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  1. sharon said,

    WOW. That is so cool. Too bad the library can’t buy the bus and use it for special YS programs.
    My Neighbor Totoro is one of my favorites.

  2. toby said,

    I’d be a little wary. As stated in the ad, “It’s only $2900 because it’s really furry and sometimes people get sick on it.” As they say, caveat emptor.

  3. Sharon said,

    Oh – I was so excited that I did not read the fine print.
    Too furry? Well, I could deal with that, but … I understand.

  4. rich said,

    well, if something ever happens to the bookmobile, we’d need a backup, right?

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