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Introducing ePub

[cross-posted from The Bookshelf]

Did you receive an ebook reader this holiday system? Chances are you’re not alone.

Now the initial enthusiasm has worn off, and you’ve probably read a few titles. What now?

Well, if you’re visiting the Library website, you’ve probably discovered our Digital Media collection, featuring ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, and streaming media all accessible with your library card. We’ve since added a ePub – a new format specifically designed for ebook readers.

ePub has recently emerged as the new industry standard over the previous PDF. It is compatible with every major ebook reader, except the Kindle. We’ll start to see more of these added to our digital collection as the year continues.

A few highlights among this collection:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Visit our Digital Media catalog for the full list of ePub titles.

What other ebooks would you like us to add to our collection?

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