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[15 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]

Take a look at some interesting Internet-related stats from 2012 as compiled by Royal Pingdom.

There were….

2.2 billion – Number of email users worldwide.
425 million – Number of active Gmail users globally, making it the leading email provider worldwide.

634 million – Number of websites (December).
51 million – Number of websites added during the year.
(Here is one of the 634 million websites, the Skokie Public Library’s website: www.skokielibrary.info.)

87.8 million – Number of Tumblr blogs.
17.8 billion – Number of page views for Tumblr.
(Check out the Skokie Public Library on Tumblr at skokielibrary.tumblr.com.)

59.4 million – Number of WordPress sites around the world.
3.5 billion – Number of webpages run by WordPress viewed each month.
(Hey did you know that this blog is run by WordPress?  Read some of the Skokie Public Library’s blogs at blogs.skokielibrary.info/.)

246 million – Number of domain name registrations across all top-level domains.
100 million – Number of .com domain names at the end of 2012.
(The Skokie Public Library’s domain name is skokielibrary.info.)

2.4 billion – Number of Internet users worldwide.
274 million – Number of Internet users in North America.
(You are welcomed to surf the internet here in the Skokie Public Library.)

1 billion – Number of monthly active users on Facebook, passed in October.
300 million – Number of new photos added every day to Facebook.
(You can friend us too.  Skokie Public Library on Facebook at facebook.com/skokielibrary.)

200 million – Monthly active users on Twitter, passed in December.
175 million – Average number of tweets sent every day throughout 2012.
163 billion – the number of tweets since Twitter started, passed in July.
(Give us a tweet or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/skokielibrary.)

1.2 trillion – Number of searches on Google  in 2012.
(Next best thing.  You can also search for books and other Library materials on the Skokie Public Library’s catalog at discover.skokielibrary.info.  Or you can search contents from the the Skokie Public Library website here.)

1 billion – PSY’s Gangnam Style video became the first online video to reach 1 billion views (currently over 1.3 billion) and it achieved 1 billion views in only 5 months.
4 billion – Number of hours of video we watched on YouTube per month.
(Yes, the Skokie Public Library has their own videos made that you can watch on youtube.com/user/skokielibrary.)

5 billion – The total number of photos uploaded to Instagram since its start, reached in September 2012.
(Well, you can check out the Skokie Public Library’s photos on Flickr at flickr.com/photos/skokiepl.)

To see more stats related to internet from 2012, click over to Royal Pingdom, an uptime monitoring company.

That’s a lot of people using the internet.  How much do you think year 2013 will exceed (or decrease) last year’s numbers?

The Skokie Public Library has full service internet computers on the 1st and 2nd floors.  Feel free to browse the internet at your leisure and be part of the amazing Internet population.

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[28 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]

One of my favorite features on iMovie ’09 is that you can upload a video directly to YouTube through the “Share” menu option. However, I’ve noticed in the past that sometimes this would work perfectly and my videos would appear on my YouTube account, but other times it wouldn’t work at all. The results were not consistent, which is obviously a big problem. So, I searched the Apple Support forums for an explanation and found out that problems arise when the upload form isn’t completed properly. The main problem, in my experience, seemed to occur whenever I added a few “tag” phrases using quotation marks.

So, a word of advice for all you iMovie 09 users out there:  If you’re uploading a video directly to YouTube, make sure you clear the “tags” field and then upload. Otherwise you might be under the impression that the video is successfully uploaded only to find out it never made it. You can always add tags later once your videos are up on YouTube.

Remember, the Digital Media Lab has iLife 09 (including iMovie) and is open to Skokie Public Library cardholders in high school and older. If you need to work on a project over a few days, ask the adult lab staff about checking out a portable hard drive!

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[15 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]

Rosen Publishing is sponsoring a video contest to celebrate teen tech week and they’re asking teens to submit short public service announcements about any teen health and wellness topic (e.g., depression, dating, green living). Three teens will be selected at random from the pool of submissions to win an iPod Shuffle! Remember, if you need a video camera and a place to edit your video, stop by our Digital Media Lab!

For more information on how to enter, visit the official contest website.

And, speaking of contests for teens, don’t forget about our 3rd annual Teen Photography Contest! The deadline to submit your photos and win Best Buy gift cards is April 9, 2010!

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[26 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]

I don’t know about you, but I find it fascinating to see how YouTube is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. YouTube videos can now be used to participate in political debates, report local news, and even apply to a university. Tufts University recently began accepting YouTube videos as an application supplement and they’ve had about 1,000 prospective students take advantage already! For those of you who are old(er) like me and remember the agony of writing application essays, I’m sure this is pretty shocking.

So, let’s say you’re interested in applying to Tufts University sometime in the near future or you’re simply interested in learning more about how YouTube works.  Where can you go to learn more?

For starters, I recommend the recently launched YouTube 101 instructional series explaining topics such as how to upload videos, share a video privately, customize your YouTube channel, and more! Here’s one example:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Secondly, you can stop by the Library to take advantage of our new Digital Media Lab, where you can check out a Flip video camera, shoot footage against our chroma key (green) wall, edit a movie using iMovie or Final Cut Pro, and upload directly to YouTube! Visit http://dml.skokielibrary.info or call our computer lab assistants at 847-324-3179 for more information and to make a reservation.

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[31 Jan 2010 | No Comment | ]

Click here to view the embedded video.

Do you have an idea to tackle a tough issue and change the world for the better? Why not film your issue and submit it to the Obama Administration and the Sundance Film Festival via YouTube? Here’s more from the YouTube blog:

Film Your Issue is a contest for the next generation of global thinkers and social entrepreneurs (ages 14 to 24) to share innovative ideas for improving society. All you have to do to enter is create a three-minute video outlining a front-burner issue and proposing a solution to that issue, and submit it to the Film Your Issue channel.

Prizes include having your winning video shown to senior Obama administration officials in D.C., flying to L.A. for an awards show with Sony Pictures, a Student Pass to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, and Apple products like a Macbook or iPod Touch.

Don’t have your own video camera? Not a problem! Stop by the Adult Services Computer Lab to check out one of our Flip camcorders or Canon digital cameras. You can edit your video in our new Digital Media Lab and upload it to YouTube in a matter of minutes!