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How To Save Your iMovie Project

23 July 2011 4 Comments

You may had noticed that there is no “Save” option in the menus for iMovie, that’s because when you are working on your project, your project is automatically saved as you work. If you had completed your project, you can export your finished project to a video file and save that file to a DVD, jump drive, hard drive, etc.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Go to Share button located at top of the toolbar
  2. Select either “Export Movie…” or “Export using Quicktime”
  3. Name your video project, click “Export” or “Save” depending on what you selected in step 2
  4. On the desktop, you will find your exported video clip, Click and Drag your video clip to your jump drive, external drive, etc.

But if you are not finished with your project and you want to externally save what you had done so far, and come back to the Digital Media Lab later to continue to work where you left off.  In this case, you can follow these basic steps:

  1. Close iMovie
  2. Open the Movies folder on the desktop
  3. Click and Drag the entire 2 folders, “iMovie Project” and “iMovie Events”, to your jump drive, external drive, etc.
  4. When you come back to DML next time, you can click and drag the entire 2 folders (from step 3) back to the Movies folder, open iMovie and continue to work on your video project.