Author/Illustrator Visits Devonshire and Jane Stenson

Author/illustrator, Tom Lichtenheld, of Duck! Rabbit! and Shark vs. Train fame recently sat down to lunch with thirteen second graders at Devonshire School. What a hoot to watch young Jacob earnestly say for the third time, “Tom, I have a question for you.” as he handed him his fruit roll-up to open for him. Tom obligingly peeled open the fruit roll-up (By my count he opened 2 fruit roll-ups, 3 yogurt sticks and a bag of chips during lunch.) as he answered Jacob’s question and the questions of the other students.

It was a great opportunity for students to meet, up close and personal, someone who writes and illustrates the very books that they read in the classroom and at home. The kids were able to see where ideas for books come from and how a story evolves. A word of caution. Be careful how you act when sitting next to a stranger on an airplane! Tom’s idea for his book, What Are You So Grumpy About? came from an experience with a grouchy passenger seated next to him during a plane flight.


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