Under the Cover Review: Pawn

by Aimee Carter
Reviewed by Grace L.
McCracken School, 6th Grade

Pawn is the first book in a new science fiction series by Aimee Carter. It starts off with the main character Kitty who is angry because she received a III. What is a III anyway? Well, in this society, the people have to take a test once they turn seventeen. The results of this test determine what part they will play in the society. Kitty is desperate to stay with her boyfriend Benjy, but that’s hard when she has to go across the country to Denver. She takes on a new job, hoping that she can somehow stay with Benjy, but a mysterious person shows up and he offers her the opportunity to be a VII, only the prime minister’s family, the Harts are VIIs. Soon Kitty finds out that she was surgically transformed into Lila, the niece of the prime minister, to stop the rebellion that Lila started.
The characters each have unique personalities and they all had interesting motives and histories. At first this book seems slow, but that slowness at the beginning is important, so don’t give up on it. You get to know each member of the Hart family as Kitty begins to become “one of them”. The author was good at adding surprises that I didn’t see coming. You might think from reading the back of the book that Pawn will be “another one of those books”, but after I read further I realized that there are many unique aspects of this book’s plot that I haven’t seen before in many other books. So be prepared for the thrilling, chilling story of Kitty Doe, who will never get to be quite herself ever again when you read Pawn by Aimee Carter.


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  1. Rebecca Foote said,

    Great review, Grace! I am so impressed you took the initiative to write this. By the way, you have made me want to read this book. I’m traveling over spring break, so I now know what I’ll be doing to keep me occupied during the long waits and flights! Thanks you!!

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