Get Creative Contest: Green Screen Photo

Have you ever wanted to trick your friends into thinking you were somewhere as cool as the White House? Well the time has come again for another exciting Digital Media Lab contest which allows you to do just that! You will have the opportunity to take a picture of yourself with a Nikon camera and then use Photoshop Elements green screen effect to produce different backgrounds. Where will you put yourself? At the Olympics? On American Ninja Warrior? Wherever you choose, don’t miss out on one of your last opportunities to win a stylish flash drive this summer. The deadline for all entries is Friday, August 3, 2012.

Update 8/10/12: The judges have made their decision and picked a winner for our green screen photo contest. It looks like they chose Hasson’s photo of his younger brother Hussain’s victorious win over him in the WWE lightweight championship match. Although Hasson was not able to win the championship belt from his brother, we are happy to congratulate him with a victory in the Youth Digital Media Lab. Make sure to keep your eyes open for the next DML contest!

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