Baby, it’s cold outside!

The local news that I watch in the morning before I come to the Library has been showing some interesting experiments to demonstrate how cold it is outside. One of my favorites is frozen bubbles. The air was so cold when they tried it on the news that the bubble solution froze on the wand, but I found a little slideshow on the Web that shows what should have happened.

Another experiment tested which would freeze faster, hot or cold water. The answer might surprise you!

And we’ve actually tried this one at the Library: Throw a cup of very hot water into freezing cold air. If the air is cold enough, the water will turn into snow and ice crystals before it hits the ground. This video from the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire shows the experiment with three different volumes of water thrown into -35F air.

These cold weather experiments are just a few that could be the inspiration for a science fair project. To find more ideas, take a look at some of our science fair books and homework help resources on the Web.

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  1. Geo Chan said,

    May as well use that extreme weather for some fun. Thanks for the idea.


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