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What I Read on My Summer Vacation

Every summer my extended family gets together for a long weekend at a vacation home in Wisconsin. This year there were 13 of us, ranging in age from 10 to 82. As the family librarian, I’ve discovered the usefulness of packing some books of humorous photographs for–quite literally–the whole family to read during our idle moments when we’re not drinking, riding on a boat, or watching HGTV. (My relatives are obsessed with HGTV. I don’t know why.) This tradition started a few years ago when I brought along the book Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won’t be Dating or Having Sex.

I chose this book because I wanted my family to see how many of 311 undateable things my cousin was guilty of even though he inexplicably dates quite a bit. Since everyone enjoyed the book, even my cousin, the next year I found a book of even more horrifying photos of fashion, appearance, and behavior “don’ts,” People of Shop and Awe.

This year I thought my family would enjoy looking at other families’ unfortunate moments captured on film, and so I brought the two-fer Awkward Family Photos and Awkward Family Pet Photos.

I’m glad to say that these books made me realize that my relatives are more presentable than the Undateable guys, classier than the People of Walmart, and less awkward than the folks in the Awkward Family Photos. If you like these kind of books, check out the Humor books on display on the second floor of the library–and don’t forget to bring some to your next family get-together.

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