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The Barack Obama Poster

Visitors to the NPR website today may have come across this photo of our incoming President reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals. We made the poster in 2006, and since then it has been a perennial favorite over at our Flickr page.

You might be asking: How did we get him to participate in our Read poster program?

The answer is simple: we asked him. Actually, we asked all of our area elected officials, including Senator Dick Durbin, Representative Jan Schakowsky, and Mayor George Van Dusen. They said “sure!” and sent us photos of themselves with some of their favorite books.

You can see the full collection of Read posters over at our Flickr site.

Posted by Toby (former employee) | Posted under Websites
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  1. Carole Kealoha said,

    Is it possible to purchase a copy of this poster anywhere? I would love this for my library!

  2. Toby said,

    Part of the agreement we had with Senator (at the time) Obama’s office was that we could not make the image available for purchase. However, you are welcome to download the image from our Flickr page if you’d like to print out a copy of your own.

  3. Helen said,

    I just love this poster.

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